Only experiencing in the process could understand its real meaning

信息来源:国际商学院 发布时间:2014-05-30 

Author: Han Yiran, from the department of the development of occupation of SIB’s Youth League Sub-committee & Student Union

When fist going to the university, I liked to experience and try anything. When taking part in the activities then, I really admired those staffs and looked forward to be a staff one day. Now, I have waited The Global Business Journey, as well as the feeling of moving.

When the Global Commercial Contest was in publicity first, everyone were excited and try their best to distribute leaflets, persuading students to join and see someone to enroll with my persuasion, I’m full of enormous excitement and happiness. It’s the busiest time when we began to prepare for the Commercial Negotiation Challenge Contest. Although tired with writing and amending the plan, we all felt most happy when we were together. In all, there were not big faults in the whole process. Whether the remark process and order of the preliminary contest, the group discussion of semifinal contest or the negotiation of the final contest, the invitation of guests, we were successful to certain extent, though there were some shortages in the process.

Nothing could be perfect, what we could do is only to complete once and again. After this preparations of the contest, I have understood that it’s not easy to hold a contest sucessfully. But as I have enough experience, next time will be easier and better!