Time Flies, Initial DreamNever Change----Interview The Alumnus Shuo Ran Of SIB, 2001

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Individual profile:

    Shuo Ran, who is an alumni in SIB of SWUFE, holds a post as section chief of organization unit affiliated the political department in the De Yang’s detachment of armed police.

    Putting on the military uniform, devotion becomes the theme of life. Putting onthe military uniform, blood and sweat are shed without hesitation. Putting on the military uniform, from that time brilliance will be written by life. The color of the uniform is the special view of SIB’s alumni.

    In 2005, alumnus Shuo Ran was faced with the career choice. There were so many choices in life, some students chose to work, and others may choose to prepare postgraduate recommendation. However, Shuo Ran still remembered the saying said that"no matter how busy you are, do remember the reason why you set off and where you should go". So he chose to join the selection of army police without any hesitation. “Every man should get practice and collect experience, when the ambition is inspired, they all have a dream of joining the army.” said by Shuo Ran.

    The selection was not easy, not only because of the difficulty of the selection, but also the pressure coming from surroundings. He said he was a stubborn man, if he had made a choice, he must finish it, even the oppositions of others can be the motivation for him.” In the process of chasing your dream, taking no care about other’s words, and keeping your mind clear and calm are the foundation. If you usually want to do, all the obstacles will make way for you.

    Doing military career for a decade, alumnus Ran paid a lot, learnt a lot, and grew a lot. Sometimes the life in military seemed a bit dull, sometimes soldiers will miss their parents quietly. The only thing alumnus Ran can do is to continue practicing until he can endure loneliness one day. Then he can say that he has grown-up. That is what grow-up is like, has love and hope, without any participation of bystanders, and accompany only by loneliness. Waiting for one day to become success and enjoy the life.

    During the interview, alumnus Ran told us a forgettable personal experience in the past.

    That day was a fine day, people in this town were communicating kindly, and everything seemed to be as usual. But suddenly, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, made many people died at 2:28 pm on May 12th, 2008. That time, that town, shocked the whole country.

    The detachment which alumnus Ran had been in rushed to the disaster area at once after getting the superior command. No tools, they dug by hands; Lacking supplies, they ate dry bread. 72 hours of three days and nights, they rescued urgently regardless of the day and night. The clothes got wet by sweat, and tears fell down by the cheeks. Everything they did is to live up to their military uniforms.

    “Armies are kept in case of emergency one day.” This is a sentence which alumnus Ran said most. When he saw that many people survived from the disaster, and villagers were reluctant for their leaving, he felt the value of being a military police. There always have a kind of power to move us, the power, named hope. This area has been covered with sadness, but because of the effort of people and the help of soldiers, this area is bathing in the sunshine. After the rescue, the detachment which alumnus Ran had been in was awarded a "Grade Two Collective Achievement”, and was named Collective Model of Earthquake Relief Heroes by the State Council, the Central Military Commission and the CPC Central Committee.

    An artless sentence and a sincere heart make us still together, and our love will never change.