"Speak Now" English Speech Contest

信息来源:国际商学院 发布时间:2014-05-02 

On April 18, thepreliminary round of "Speak Now" English speech contest kicked off the field, which was divided into the afternoon and evening courses. Based on the topic "Where am/is/are going?” , the contestants conquered the judgesin their unique way.

On 2pm,April 20,therematch of "Speak Now" English Speech Contest held at H302, YI De Building. 16 students who nominated the rematch were divided into eight groups. And each group had two competitions.With rigorous logicand perfect expression, the contestants demonstrated their remarkable capacity of critical thought and calmly confident demeanor.

On 18:30, April 28, the speech Final contest was held successfully in video conference hall. The first round offinal was the topic speech, and the second round was impromptu speech.Afterspeech, the judges asked some questions which were based on the speech and requiredthe contestants to answer them at soon. Contestants’wide extent of knowledge madeus gasp. And their unique understanding of the issues, deep analysis, as well as perfect spot expression brought a visual feast for the audience.

"Speak Now" English speech contestmadecontestants broaden international perspectives, improve the overall quality, and have a memorable travel experience of knowledge in the context of globalization.