The Autumn Sports Meeting of SWUFE

信息来源:国际商学院 发布时间:2014-11-05 

On October 24th,the 2014 autumn sports meeting of SWUFE opened. Among the exceedingly great square matrixes, the remote control aircraft from the School of Accounting flied through the vast sky, catching everyone’s eyes. The innocent girls’ lively performance from the School of Economics and Mathematics were admired by all. The imposing warship of the School of Statistics even made others envy.

Among the long queue of those matrixes, the one of us SIB was still dazzling. The red suggested passion that made everyone excited and at the same time the golden showed our dignity. The disk just looked like dragons and phoenix that indicated auspiciousness. When the writing brush down, four big Chinese characters “Guang Hua Qing Nian” were written. The skilled dance of students form SIB finished in passion with enthusiastic applause. In the sports meeting, members of SIB did their best for the achievements. In individual events and team events, they got second place in the table tennis team race, the sixth place at tug-of-war and the fifth place in the sunny assist-run.

At 5pm of October 25th, the sports meeting closed formally. With many achievements and a little bit regret, students of SIB finished their long trip of the sports meeting.