“SIB Cup” debate competition

信息来源:国际商学院 发布时间:2014-11-28 

On November 6th , “SIB Cup” debate competition came to its most exciting decisive moments. At 7pm, the final began at moot court (I504). In the debate, the affirmative held the view that academic innovation was determined by system perfecting, while the negative argued that the improvement of scholars’ quality counted more. The last two teams were “Running one” and “Rocket”. They gave us an excellent debate with their wisdom and passion. Finally, the judges announced the results after careful consideration: “Running one” won the championship.

Debate is the debating about truth behind things home and abroad in history. A debate competition is not only in words but also in thoughts. From Oct 22nd to today, every debate was like a delicious meal, from which we gained a lot. Every debater learned a lesson from it, getting improved in the heated discussions. We can clearly see the maturation in their debating weighting words.

The splendid debate competition has come to an end. What is debate? It gives you passion without smokes in the war. It makes you restless without gunshots. In this process. We watched the growth of all the debaters in the debates. From beginning to end, we witnessed the development after an ignorant period. We got to know that life is more colorful because of continuous attempts and dream is clearer because of consistent efforts. Thanks for taking part in this meaningful activity! “SIB Cup” debate competition ended successfully.  We are looking forward to your beautiful changes.