The cover of Xu Lin——the person in charge of the project item of the Global Commercial Contest

信息来源:国际商学院 发布时间:2014-05-30 

N: the success of each game is inseparable from the meticulous preparation; please talk about what the team was doing at the early stage of the game?
L: the early preparation included determining the theme, designing the format and the most important part of propaganda. About the subject and the format design, we asked a lot of teachers in our school for their advice and reference, we eventually set  the Shanghai free trade zone as the competition background. As for publicity, under the assistance of each department’s cooperation and the guidance of each head, we completed the production of publicity materials such as leaflets, posters and prints and also successfully held The Global Business Journey.

N: propaganda work is an important part of the preparatory work, what do you think is worth developing in the process of propaganda and which needs to be improved?
L: in the whole process of propaganda, each head and the related department  had  a clear division of labor and worked together, I think this spirit of cooperation and the tacit understanding were most precious in the propaganda work and even the entire global commercial contest. In addition, we also fully considered about Tomb-Sweeping Day might give us some influences on publicity, thus timely adjusted propaganda time according to the publicity, I think this kind of flexibility is required when doing activities. But I think what needed to be improved in the propaganda were many details we hadn't care enough. For example, in the early stage of the print design, the text content was not correct, and there has been a problem of leaflets' printing fuzzy .

N: the contest this year has become a match with the provincial level, when sets sail again and compared to previous years, what do you think is the biggest difference?
L: "the provincial level" is definitely the focus ring, whether in the propaganda or during the contest, we tried to accord with the requirements of provincial competition level. At the same time, we were actively contact with the rest of the few 211 colleges and universities in Sichuan province, to introduce our contest and invite them to our site, and to further increase the popularity prepared for next year's tournament.

N: what do you think is most successful among three contests ?
L: I think we have done well in giving care and timely solving the players' need. We three all respectively set up QQ groups, if players had any problem they could put questions to staffs at any time, and the staff was always patiently answering to the problems in time. This not only saved a lot of trouble for players, but also let them understand the organizing committee was responsible for the game and had paid much attention to it. At the same time we also could understand the players' evaluation and ideas to our contest in this way, which helped us to adjust in a timely manner.

N: what problems have appeared in the process? How the team solved them?
L: in the English speech contest and Challenge contest in business negotiations, we've met temporary situations that some judges couldn't come, then the team only turned to teachers of the school, fortunately, the teachers were willing to emergency and solved the big trouble for us. Therefore, holding the contest successfully was inseparable from the support of our school's teachers and leaders, because of the teachers' support and help, a lot of problems, such as inviting judges, determine the contest's format and other issues have been solved well.

N: Having been busy for a month and a half, the global commercial contest finally ended successfully. What was your biggest feeling? What most impressed you?
L: after the contest, I deeply understand that for a good activity, the consciousness of the master is the most essential thing. As head of this contest, academic department as the host department, most time we must take needs into consideration, so the responsibility is also very important. So I think whether the global commercial contest or other activities, only keep right attitude could the ability work. One thing t impressed me most was that in the initial stage, the project team of several departments wrote service planning together in the office of school in one night .Seeing all the people struggle for a common goal and have the final results, it is a thing with a sense of accomplishment.

N: as head of the contest, how you evaluate it? About next year's contest, what experience would you share?
L: this contest has been finally completed, though the process had many obstacles and many defects or deficiencies, I think the contest in general was successful. It inherited the past excellent tradition, also improved the match's specifications under the brand of provincial competitions. As for next year's contest, I want to say to the organizers, the contest's running smoothly can't lack adequate preparation; we should be more consulting with professional teachers. The design of the title or academic contents, as students we may not be able to please everyone, then the teachers can offer great help to us. Before the contest we also should communicate with the judges to reduce the information asymmetry.