The Final of MODEL APEC in SWUFE Came Off Successfully

信息来源:国际商学院 发布时间:2014-10-30 

On 15th may,the final of 2104 MODEL APEC,SWUFE came off successfully in the meeting room 101,Tengxiang Building. There were 12 candidates gathering to compete for final and the audience enjoyed fantastic showdown among them. Shao Tingting,a teacher who comes from financial department,Liu Sijuan,who comes from developed planning department, Yang Dong, she comes from the college of business administration, were invited to be the judge of the final.

Two bouts of competition ran in English. At the first bout,12 candidates deliver their perspectives briefly about some issues which firmly focused by Asian countries such as sustainable development about fishery around Asia, cooperation of telecom industry among members of APEC and nuclear safety development in Asian-Pacific region and so on.Their confident and logic speech not only meet judges' approbation,but also achieved applause from audience.

8 candidates who entered the second bout through keen competition had a leaderless group discussion which centered on "a Indonesian submarine hit joint Oil well by China,the USA and Canada, which led reveal and diffusion of crude in sea area near “Nansha Islands" for 20 minutes.Candidates aimed at this project to plan solution of seven steps by discussion. Meanwhile they recommend a representative to conclude their outcomes.At the crossing of the sparks of thought and communication among all candidates, we see the future of stars and leaders.

Wang Suyi,a junior comes from School of Accountancy, Yang Ze,who comes from Economics Administration and Yang Lei,who comes from School of Foreign language for trade and economics,becoming top three through fierce competition.They will go further to attend regional competitions as representative of excellent students.

Asian teenagers MODEL APEC meeting launched in 2010 and they will single out college students in different universities nationwide.The meeting highly simulates agendas of APEC and tries to let teens act like leaders,minister,officials and representatives of enterprises. They centered on some topics before in APEC and act as the form of forum to conduct the pop techno discussion. Finally they will gain “The declaration of youth”.

To encourage students in our college care more about the development of APEC and the movements of Asian politics, economy and culture, to communicate more among Asian teens and gain opportunities to communicate with something in business and political circle, outstanding students in 2014 MODEL APEC,SWUFE will represent SWUFE to attend all levels of MODEL APEC meeting. Winners even have chances to attend APEC meeting indeed,PECC teenagers summit meeting and relevant activities about 2014 APEC teens festival along with President Xi.