Football To Friends——To Memorize Schoolmates’ Football Game Of IB Cup

信息来源:国际商学院 发布时间:2015-03-25 

  “IB Cup” finally made it first appearance in March with the support of Sports Department of IB, SWUFE. Zhao Hui Playground witnessed its first shoot between freshmen and alumnus on 21st, March.

  We were enthusiastic to be seeing that every single player was on high spirit when he was playing offensive games with his rivals right from the beginning. The audiences were stimulated to reach a climax with cheers by the chasing-after tense atmosphere. The alumnus managed to win the game with the score of 6:1, which had everything to do with their elaborate preparation and sophisticated football skills.

  We were honored to be interviewing the captain of this winning team, who, a native Sichuan guy, was employed by Chengdu Bank as a graduate of IB, 2009. He revealed it to us that this game was initially held as normal “IB Cup” but came to be viewed as a game set for alumnus in that a few of teams consisting of alumnus had taken part in this game. When it came to the reasons why those who had graduated long ago would return and form a team, answers followed that:

 “We are still in contact with the teachers and mentors of our college as well as these newcomers after leaving SWUFE where SIB had created a warm atmosphere because we have been united as one. Traditions are passed by and we are familiar with each grade. Mr.Lin(Huawei Lin) spared no effort to invite us back to school to participate some sapid matches when he was appointed as the secretary. We are given this valuable opportunity to reconnect with old classmates and communicate with juniors on campus.”

  This team, as introduced by the captain, is made up of football fans respectively graduating from 1996 to 2009, who aggregated because of the same affection for football and SWUFE. We were impressed that this team acquired its own backup players, amid whom were alumnus from places like Beijing and Shanghai ready to give shoots if they were to return.

  The captain sparkled with pride when it came to what had left him deepest impression and said “It definitely got to be the first match which ended up with 8:1.” He mentioned that from one hand you could tell that we were well-coordinated but from the other hand, the younger generation were not in their best condition. “We had beat our path to the final and came in second.” He bantered. Peiwen Lai(graduate from 1996 since when SIB was set up, his nickname was big bro), according to the captain, who had impressed him most, was qualified to give us practical suggestions thanks to his consistent physical exercises.

  At the end of the interview, our captain conveyed his elation and gratitude towards the communication platform granted by IB in an permanent effort to strengthen the connection between present students and graduates. “The warmth is hard to tell when I am actually faced with the all those juniors.” said the captain. Advice by him followed that he was expecting a more overall and rigorous schedule afterwards. It was kind of a regret that their chance to engage the rivals at second round as well as to exchange experience with the competitors was deprived in the consideration that in the first round this dream team had won by a large margin, as a result of which they were promoted directly into the final game.

  We hated to bring this splendid and memorable game to a halt but we had to. We, however, are able to hide the laughter and movement together with the thoughts we give to football deep inside our minds and never lose them. We are hoping that SIB is going to pursue its peak and however time flies we, IBers, are always together.