Dancing for SWUFE-- Dancing heart forever, Meeting in LiXiang

信息来源:国际商学院 发布时间:2014-11-06 

At 6:30pm on November 7th 2014,"Dancing heart forever ",the final of the forth dancing competition of SWUFE held in the activity center of students 800 hall, was successful in the end.

As the proverb: "God helps those who help themselves." Depending on the elegant gesture, neat action and charming smile, the players from SIB finally won the enviable grades of the second place. Just as the old saying goes: one minute on stage owe to ten years work of audience ". The achievement not only recognized their splendid performance, but also proved that their hard work behind the scenes was meaningful.

On the final, led by the sounds of the water and the changes of light, the twelve Li girls were looked like dancing eidolons. Sylphlike girls and rhythm of the dance arouse a round of applause. "Dong ", the Li girls made their hats balanced, trying to get the life spring from the God, despite the rain dropping on their faces. Suddenly, as the music becoming more rapid, they moved briskly and powerfully with a sense of joy spread out. All the Li wore the bright smiles which conveyed their expectation and move for the rains. The picture affected the presence of everyone.

On November 2nd, the preliminary contest was held in the 800 hall. On that day, the hall was crowded with excellent dancers. Latin, Belly dance, Hip-hop and Modern dance were all our biggest rivals and no team should be looked down upon. However, what made us set apart from other teams was that all the performers were lovely as well as lively. With a bamboo hat in hand, silver ornament around the neck, the girls of SIB preformed Li Xiang Li Ying which described girls playing happily in the rain on bare feet. At the end of the performance, a burst of applause broke out. The result that we were admitted to get into the finals was a recognition of the hard work of SIB performers.

Nevertheless, it is not an end for all the participants of SIB since the final has become the next destination. To show the perfect performance at the final competition, the girls of SIB still rehearsed repeatedly from night to night. Despite of tiredness, they never hide their smiles. They warmed series of cold nights by their hard work and enthusiasm.

Behind of the scene, a great many of stuff took part in, such as the Arts Department that directed the gesture and the Propaganda Department who devoted themselves to making stage property as well as the performers who overcame all the difficulties to rehearse regardless of the serious weather. It was always beyond our imagination what hardship and confusion they confronted on the way to success. “Looking back on the old days”, Vice minister of Art department GanKaijun recalled, “many hardship held back our way, including employed members and the rehearsal in every night regardless of the serious weather as well as the nervousness in the primary election and the excitement and move when announced the grades. Thanks all the members for their insisting and understanding. Aside from that, I have to say that I saw the power of a team which is not only hard work but also transformation.”

Li Xiang Li Ying told a story of twelve charming girls, which also showed the friendship between Arts Department and Propaganda Department. Add a little, it also recorded the honor of SIB.

Li Xiang Li Ying, the rains were attached to hope, happiness and further success. Meanwhile, the action symbolized the bright future of SIB as well as confirmed our matchlessness.