The introduction of SIB

信息来源:国际商学院 发布时间:2019-02-27 

The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics is a national key university for the construction of the “211 Project” and “985 Project” Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform directly under the Ministry of Education. It also participates in the country’s construction plan of world first-class universities and first-class disciplines.

The School of International Business (SIB) of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics is on its mission to “embrace diversity, contributing to new and high-quality academic knowledge; demonstrate characteristics, cultivating the international economic management elite; inherit fine traditions and innovate, serving social development in the new era”, striving to become a business school with an international vision and global influence.

In 1996, out of the integration of related majors, there came the establishment of SIB. CurrentlySIB runs programs from the bachelor level to Ph.D. level. The 2 bachelor programs are International Economics and Trade (Bilingual program), International Business (Bilingual program and Sino-foreign cooperative program) . SIB offers Master of Science and PHD degree programs in the fields of International Economics & Trade and International Business, and a professional degree program of international business (Master of International Business, MIB) as well. For the current structural design of SIB, we now have 2 departments ,12 research institutes and 1 practice center for College Students.

SIB has more than 50 staff, including 10 PhD supervisors, 3 overseas PhD supervisors, 12 professors, 20 associate professors, and more than 10 lecturers or assistant lecturers, among whom more than 30 possess a PhD degree from well-known universities both within and outside China, and have overseas experiences (as a PhD student or visiting scholar or researcher). SIB also has over 10 visiting professors from both within and outside China, and over 10 foreign lecturers for language teaching. In addition, more than 40 entrepreneurs and notable public figures act as the School’s external master degree student supervisors.

SIB has established extensive academic exchanges and cooperative relations with universities and research institutions in the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The faculty is actively promoting the construction of first-class academic disciplines in the school, and its large number of important research achievements have produced great academic and social influences. In the last ten years, the faculty has obtained more than 20 grants from the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Foundation and the Ministry of Education for Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation including a key project of the National Science Foundation and a major project of the National Social Science Foundation.