Introduction to SIB

In 1985, while the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) flourished, the Department of International Economics (DIE) was first added. Then in 1997, out of the integration of related majors, there came the establishment of the School of International Business (SIB). SIB has ever since then advancing with the times in its steady development. Currently, SIB consists of 2 departments: the Department of International Trade and the Department of International Business. The School also has 5 research institutes and 3 centers. They are the Institute of International Trade, the Institute of International Business, the Institute of InternationalInvesting & Management, the Institute of Sino-UK Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and the Institute of International Service Outsourcing; the Center for Master of International Business, the Center for Teaching & Research of English for Special Purposes, and the Center for Executive Development Program.


SIB offers an array of international economics and business related programs and courses leading to Bachelor, Master and PhD Degrees in the fields of International Economics & Tradeand International Business. In 2010, the School, one of the first institutions approved by the Ministry of Education, started to offer a new professional degree program of international business (MIB).


In December 2009, SIB came into a strategic co-operation with Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, collaborating as strategic partners in such areas as the training and fostering of international talents, scientific research, and social services. The School has also been running more than 10 Training Bases for SIB Faculty and Students together with some large-sized international enterprises.


SIB’s student body consists of over 1,200 undergraduate students, 200 postgraduates of Master and PhD degree candidates, including some overseas students coming from such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Nigeria, Zambia, and Dominica.

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